Lowrie’s back on the field

Anthony DiComo of MLB.com has tweeted that infielder Jed Lowrie has resumed his throwing and hitting programs this week in Mets camp.

Lowrie signed a two year, $20M contract during the off-season with the plan to use him at third base. However last month, Lowrie was diagnosed with a capsule sprain in his left knee.

The Mets anticipate for Lowrie to miss the first couple weeks of the regular season, however I don’t see that being a realistic timetable for the 34 year old. Even if Lowrie misses six weeks of the regular season, I still see Lowrie as a great pick up due to the switch hitters versatility.

Third base probably isn’t the two year plan anymore, his time needs to be limited in order for the Mets to get the best game out of Lowrie. Signing a plethora of infielders doesn’t seem so stupid anymore, eyy?

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