Mets Outfielder Michael Conforto slams a homerun off of Kate Upton’s husband.

Conforto took Verlander deep on a 1-1 fastball that leaked over the middle of the plate and put it over the right field wall. It’s the Mets first hit of the game as Conforto continues his hot streak during the spring. Verlander did not allow a hit against the Mets in last weeks exhibition game.

Conforto is batting .400 after 15 AB’s and now has his first home run of the spring to go along side is 1.000 OPS early on this Spring. I anticipate this play to transfer over to the regular season, where Conforto has the potential to be a Top 5 MVP candidate for this upcoming season.

Lots of good things to come from Conforto, not just in the 2019 season but throughout the longevity of the power hitter’s career. It should be extremely exciting to watch, for a long, long while.

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