The MetsJunkies Roundtable: Spring is in the air… almost.

While I shovel snow in Las friggin Vegas, let’s dream of Spring… wait, snow in Las Vegas? You heard correctly, but let’s get into this weeks Roundtable as we prepare for Friday afternoon’s first pitch!

Which player has the most to lose during this spring?

Corné: Lagares. With the addition of Keon Broxton, who has the same kind of defensive skills and more pop, Lags is kind of the odd man out. Health has been the main issue for Lags, because when healthy his defense alone is so good, that he is a plausible CF to have. But again same can be said for Broxton. Lagares does have more contact skills than Broxton, but in my opinion Broxton does have more upside.

Gem: Todd Frazier. He’s had a long and good career, no doubt about it. However, him playing in New York was a bit of a homecoming with him being from Jersey and it looks like he’s at the end of the rope. With the acquisitions of Cano, Lowrie, and even Davis, I’m sure the Mets would eat a portion of his contract if they find a taker.

Andrew: I’ll say Travis d’Arnaud. I believe this is a big spring for Travis now that the organization brought back Devin Mesoraco. Much has been made about the connection between deGrom and Mesoraco which now makes the backup catching position an intriguing thing to watch this spring.

Angelo: Dominic Smith.. He really needs an over the top spring in my mind. Has too much negative baggage from last season.. Even the slightest hiccup can end his career as a Met.

David: Paul Sewald. I think people have gotten tired of him. With all the new bullpen arms, he might go. In addition, he isn’t a lefty.

Who will you keep your eye on the most this spring and why?

Corné: Tough choice as there are a lot of players to watch during every spring. I’m very curious about Kyle Dowdy. The Mets seem to be pretty high about the upside Dowdy has as a reliever. And with him being a rule 5 pick he has an edge to make the roster.

Gem: J.D. Davis. I think he’ll be a long shot to make the roster but his versatility and power will be intriguing. I have a feeling he’ll be playing with a chip on his shoulder and that edge should be fun to watch.

Andrew: Kyle Dowdy. He was the organization’s Rule 5 pick and both Mickey and Brodie have been raving about how he has good stuff. Mickey said during his press conference that they like to see as much of him as possible so I’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Angelo: Matz…. If he can rid the demons in his head and just pitch, he is very capable of CY Young award.

David: Chris Flexen. He slimmed down tremendously over the offseason. He could be a real sleeper.

Who will be the first promotion from the minors to the majors during the regular season?

Gem: Maybe Pete Alonso, maybe another infielder before Alonso comes up. This is a toughie.

Andrew: If Peter Alonso doesn’t make the team out of camp I’ll go with him. If he does I’ll say T.J. Rivera.

Angelo: Peter Alonso, the Mets will need his bat if he tears it up in AAA

Corné: Mostly I’m going with a reliever, but this time it’s Peter Alonso. He will be up after 2 weeks to secure another year of service time. In my opinion a smart move with the Mets having Frazier, TJ Rivera and JD Davis who can fill the void at first.

David: Peter Alonso. The Mets will wait until they can get the extra year of eligibility out of him. If not, they are not thinking strategically.

Danny Espinosa or Adeiny Hechevaria?

Gem: Normally, I’d go with Espinosa. I genuinely like the acquisition but defense is more important than ever so I’ll sway towards Hechavarria

Andrew: Hechavarria over Espinosa for me. I think there’s a good chance Hechavarria could make the team out of camp. Gives the Mets a backup shortstop on the 25 man roster, and can avoid using Lowrie at the position which he hasn’t played much of the past few seasons.

Angelo: Danny Espinosa or Adeiny Hechevaria? Espinosa, he was very productive on the Nats

Corné: Hechevaria is so extremely good at short, but Espinosa has more of a bat (although he hasn’t showed that in recent years). For the reason Espinosa has struggled migthly with his main plus over Hechevaria, I pick Hechevaria and his great defense over Espinosa. Still a battle to keep an eye on this spring.

David: I’m not a huge fan of either. I give a nod to Hechavarria since he is the better shortstop.

Lets fill out your 25 man roster for opening day?



Jacob deGrom

Noah Syndergaard

Zack Wheeler

Steven Matz

Jason Vargas

Edwin Diaz

Jeurys Familia

Justin Wilson

Seth Lugo

Robert Gsellman

Luis Avilan

Kyle Dowdy

Position Players:

Brandon Nimmo

Jedd Lowrie

Robinson Cano

Michael Conforto

Wilson Ramos

Jeff McNeil

Todd Frazier

Amed Rosario

Travis d’Arnaud

Keon Broxton

Juan Lagares

JD Davis

Adeiny Hechevaria



1. deGrom

2. Syndergaard

3. Wheeler

4. Matz

5. Vargas


6. Lugo

7. Gsellman

8. Avilan

9. Wilson

10. Diaz

11. Familia


12. Nimmo

13. Lowrie

14. Cano

15. Ramos

16. Conforto

17. Frazier

18. McNeil

19. Rosario


20. Hechavarria

21. Lagares

22. TdA

23. Broxton

24. J.D. Davis

25. T.J. Rivera
















Position players:















SP: deGrom, Syndergaard, Matz, Wheeler, Vargas(regrettably)

RP: Diaz, Familia, Lugo, Gsellman, Wilson, Sewald, Oswalt

Position players:

C: Ramos, Mesoraco

1B: J.D. Davis, Lowrie

2B: Cano, McNeil

SS: Rosario

3B: Frazier, Rivera

OF: Conforto, Nimmo, Broxton, Lagares.


Here is my roster


1. Jacob deGrom

2. Zack Wheeler

3. Noah Syndergaard

4. Steven Matz

5. Jason Vargas


6. Edwin Diaz

7. Jeurys Familia

8. Seth Lugo

9. Justin Wilson

10. Robert Gsellman

11. Chris Flexen

12. Luis Avilan


13. Wilson Ramos

14. Travis d’Arnaud


15. Robinson Cano

16. Todd Frazier

17. Jed Lowrie

18. T.J. Rivera

19. Jeff McNeil

20. J.D. Davis

21. Amed Rosario


22. Juan Lagares

23. Brandon Nimmo

24. Michael Conforto

25. Keon Broxton

S/O to Corné Hogeveen for supplying the questions of our Roundtable

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