Luis Severino takes a rip at Mets Ace

Wait, what in the flying fu…

Yankees starter Luis Severino somehow found the time to comment on Mets Ace, Jacob deGrom and his potential innings limit. This is a bad look for the players and Players Association, Severino as a player shouldn’t have the audacity to comment on someone else’s arbitration and contract situation just after inking his own deal in which he felt completely comfortable signing.

Severino was quoted saying “For me, I would never do something like that… He’s making money. He’s making $17M!” to Randy Miller of

Do I think deGrom’s making a ton of money? Absolutely! Would I love for him to go out there every fifth day and toss seven? Yes! The difference is, I’m a fan. This is what I do and this is what I want to do. I was under the impression Severino wanted pitch, especially after signing a four year deal that solely covers his arbitrary years. I guess he’s hanging up his cleats after that because when one player tries to hurt another players leverage, you’re done kid.

Now, I’m sure Severino will continue his career after his contract is completed and will try and have his agent negotiate further deals. I would think they are going to try and negotiate for more money, just my guess. So I’m just completely perplexed at these comments, I don’t know if this is stemming from the inner city rivalry, or if Severino is just sticking his nose in someone else’s business but it definitely feels like the latter of the two.

Maybe he’ll come out and try to say it was taken out of context or might even be straightforward and just apologize, either way, I’m not buying it kid.

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