Brandon Nimmo vs. The World

By Gino Gallo

Remember not to long ago when Brandon Nimmo was somewhat of a punch line. He was a first round draft pick who had become known as the guy who was picked before Jose Fernandez…… Granted, nobody is saying Brandon Nimmo is as talented as the late Jose Fernandez. Brandon Nimmo, despite his constant smile, is no joke.

As a minor league player Brandon slowly but steadily progressed. He increased his power, his average, and kept getting on base at every level. In Brandon’s first full season he recorded an on base percentage way above the league average. In fact if your name wasn’t Joey Votto and you played in the NL, Nimmo got on base at a better clip then you…..That’s right, Christian Yelich, Paul Goldschmidt, Bryce Harper, they all fell short of Nimmo’s .404 On Base Percentage. Now imagine how many runs a guy like that can score with Robinson Cano, Jed Lowrie and Michael Conforto hitting behind you.

Yet Nimmo is still being underrated. Certain New York City radio hosts, as well as most of the media continuously write off Nimmo like he is nothing more then a fourth outfielder. However be forewarned and remember the fact that you heard this via first. Nimmo will be the most valuable player on this team. He isn’t the most talented and is not the best, either. But he will be the most valuable!

Look for a incredible amount of runs scored, an OBP close to .400 and a boatload of extra base hits. As far as setting the table goes, Cano, Ramos, Lowrie, Conforto and the rest are going to have plenty of R.B.I. opportunities due to Nimmo’s hustle and pure guts. Look for .270/ 20/ 55 with 100 runs scores. And watch Nimmo continue to turn the narrative of him being the weak hitting, 1st round bust, into the story of a guy who can very easily be five time all-star.

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