The Mets can swing Machado or Harper

By Angelo Gagliano


Good evening Met fans… As I scan the FB posts I am baffled by what I see… In one word…Discord….We have a team of Harperites, and a team of Machado’s for us… This writer wants the latter, here is why…

Machado if nothing else, is a pure hitter with upside power….Harper not so much…

We are fortunate that we can compare seven year career for the two.. a mere 3 month’s separate their age…but their skill set is separated by so much more. Machado amassed 3,720 at bats compared to Harpers 3,306. Harper struck out 834 times against Machado 669 or for you stats junkies, 26% rate for Harper and a 18% rate for Machado…Now you will throw back at me, their lifetime avg. is almost identical..true… However Machado’s WAR was 3.8 compared to Harpers 3.5 last year. The problem is Harper either swings and misses or sends one deep… Machado will put the ball in play more than Harper and that is what is sorely needed on this Mets team…

Harper in my opinion is average at best, and a cancer on the bench and in the clubhouse. He is similar to Arod in his all for me and none for you attitude…Machado, say what you will about his perceived ‘lack of hustle” but he plays a demanding position day in day out….Harper is rated as adequate as an outfielder..

Machado has yet to have “THE” year where as Harper had it (2015) and hasn’t repeat it…And then there is the Nationals…Offered 10 yr 300 million…A very nice contract. Too much for this aged fan, but understandable…2 questions, Why haven’t the Nats increased it another 25 Million to secure Harper, or why hasn’t harper grabbed it yet? My feeling is that the feeling is mutual for both sides. Machado has not been given that tag of selfish superstar….

Ok Met fans, let me hear it…You want Machado or Rosario playing SS for the next 5-7 years, and then switching to 3rd for the remainder of his contract, or Bryce Harper playing right field for the next 10 years?

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  1. What is this guy thinking? Machado is the ultimate self serving athlete. He only hustles when he wants to and it could make him look good. The team would no longer be The New York Mets they would become The Machado Mets. Would he even use the same locker room or bemand his own? spend the money on a decent utility player.


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