Mets new look bullpen projected to go from “Worst to First”

Last season, the Mets had a notoriously terrible bullpen which was a catalyst to a lot of games lost. However, Brodie Van Wagenen has made it a priority to strengthen the Orange & Blue bullpen.

BVW acquired elite Closer Edwin Diaz alongside with former Yankees second baseman and Roc Nation representative Robinson Cano. Although Cano tested positive for HGH, he was still able to manage a better season than when he was on the junk.

The Mets took a risk last season when they traded away Familia to the Athletics and the Mets return just didn’t work out as they would have liked. They did get lucky though, Brodie Van Wagenen look the off-season to look into and acquire Juerys Famila, the reliever is vocal on how much he loves New York City, the New York Mets, and it’s fanbase.

Justin Wilson is not going to be the most accurate pitcher that lives around the strike zone for a living, however his nasty movement will prompt batters to chase pitches out of the zone but that’s not always going to work. His action versus left handed batters should be dominant and his sinking action should be able to keep righties at bay.

Seth Lugo has proved himself to be the ultimate utility man of Pitchers, no fan should take his versatility for granted with his ability to fill any role out the starting rotation as well as top to bottom of the bullpen.

Many outlets have projected the Mets bullpen to be in the top 5 in the league, particularly stating that they could have the third best bullpen in all of Major League Baseball.



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