Mets gotta “Good Guy” in Nimmo

On Saturday evening, the BBWAA hosted their yearly dinner in New York City to present awards across the MLB. A few Mets were honored that evening, one of which was Mets right fielder Brandon Nimmo. Nimmo received the “Good Guy” award for his “off field manner” and gave a speech to camera’s and those of who that were lucky to attend.

The outfielder thanked everyone for receiving the award, which was presented to him by’s Bill Koch. Nimmo quickly said “it’s very easy to be the good guy when you’re doing exactly what you want to be” which was very refreshing to hear from Wyoming native. He continued by thanking his wife Chelsea for being by his side and pointed out “Our wives don’t get the support they deserve”.

He then went on to say “It’s an honor to play in front of the best fans in baseball… the New York Mets fanbase” stating that us Mets fans are the best in the world. No argument from me there, Brandon.

You have to love Nimmo as a person regardless of how you may feel on where he needs to bat in the line up. During the speech, he just came off as a nervous kid looking for the next line on his index cards so he can get the speech over with, finish off his steak and take his wife home. He’s a genuine kid and he’s what MLB and the Mets need more of, he doesn’t lack respect or humility.

After putting together a 4.4 WAR season, Nimmo has the opportunity to lead off for a well structured baseball team in the upcoming 2019 season in the Mets. The 2011 draftee can thank Brodie Van Wagenen and former GM Sandy Alderson, who was also in attendance and thankfully let the world know that’s he’s been cancer free for 4 months now and I definitely wish him the best in the world.

Just a little more than 2 weeks till Pitchers and Catchers report.

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