Nimmo has a message for Mets fans

While there was a lot of trade speculation early this off-season, Brandon Nimmo’s name has shown up on a reoccurring basis. Especially when it came to talks with the possibility of the Mets acquiring front tier catcher J.T. Realmuto from Derek Jeter and his Miami Marlins.

Since the Mets have recently signed backstop Wilson Ramos, Nimmo can breath easy and focus on spending time with his family this winter as well concentrate on his lead off spot when the time comes, it won’t be too long.

Through SNY, Nimmo was quoted saying this…

“I want to be apart of a World Series team and if that means I have to come off the bench and put up a good at bat for a pinch hit or whatever it may be, that’s what I’m gonna do. Because I want to see this team winning a World Series at the end of the year” – Brandon Nimmo

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