#MetsCrushMonday: Patrick Mahomes II

So this is a complete curveball and Hail Mary wrapped into one. As most of us already know, young Patrick Mahomes II is the son of former Mets reliever, Pat Mahomes.

Mahomes, who is the tenth overall pick in the 2017 Draft, just became the second player ever in NFL History to throw 50 touchdowns while also throwing over 5,000 yards on the season, the other Quarterback being Peyton Manning. This rare accomplishment puts him in extremely exclusive and elite company.

Mahomes is on the way to becoming an all time great at the most difficult position in all of sports. His father Pat Mahomes was no stranger to pressure filled situations while pitching under the New York City lights however Patrick is taking his family name to another level with his outstanding ability and on field IQ.

NFL.com ranks Mahomes number one on their top ten list of MVP candidates and Chris Wesseling has this to say about the 23 year old

“Mahomes is my pick for MVP because he aces the eye test. He’s been the most impressive player all season long, expanding the possibilities of a given play due to his escapability, creativity and unmatched arm strength. It can no longer be claimed without challenge that Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback in football.”

Mahomes Sr. only pitched 2 seasons (1999 & 2000) with the Mets where he had an impressive 13-3 record pitching over 150 innings.

I had asked Mahomes Sr. a question about his son in a previous interview…

“MetsJunkies: Congratulations with young Patrick II’s success, I’m not very much into college football but I happened to flip a game on just in time to watch him sling something like a 65 yard pass. His athleticism probably doesn’t surprise you but is there an aspect to his game that surprised you & caught you off guard, in a good way of course.

Pat Mahomes: How quick he picked up the position

MetsJunkies: Can we get a scouting report on your son Patrick II?

Pat Mahomes: Gamer. Eager to learn and loves to compete. Can make all the throws and is passionate about the game. Lays it on the line every game”

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