Can Cespedes help Puig?

UPDATE: The Mets are not interested in acquiring the services of Yasiel Puig.

With stories of the Dodgers looking to find a new home for the Cuban born outfielder, the heavily left handed lineup of the New York Mets may very well be a potential match. Now we’ve heard the crazy stories of how Puig was smuggled into the states as well as being thrown off of the team bus by Zack Grienke for wanting to stop and get a slice of pizza.

You can easily tell that Puig is the type of chap that marches to the beat of his own drum, hey I get it, live the best life you can live, right? Now we’ve all heard the saying “You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped” and Puig very much seems like he’s not going to request a hand anytime soon.

While Puig may be more concerned about the partying lifestyle and the women he’s baggin’, he should also be somewhat concerned about his next contract. That’s even if he gets offered a Major League contract.

I thought and thought about how terrible it would be for Puig to join the Mets, and yes, it very well may be. However, one thing that crossed my mind was the possibility of fellow Cuban, Yoenis Cespedes indirectly mentoring the still young Puig. Cespedes is absolutely an eccentric character himself that has a fun leadership charisma.

I know, Cespedes is the last guy you’d think would be mentoring someone, but he’s at the the stage of his career where he might find as much self joy in helping other players, and Puig would probably be the ultimate project.

I believe if Puig spent time with Cespedes on a daily basis, he may begin to see how someone that came from nothing should act. Yes, have fun young man, have a lot of it but be humble because the world is watching, whether you care or not. It may never translate to on the field numbers or it may, I don’t know. But the world will come to appreciate you more and begin to empathize with you. When you’re in that kind of physical shape, when you feel mentally and emotionally better, you will play better.

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