Are the Mets about to move Travis d’Arnaud?

Possibly, but not in the way that you’re assuming. Anthony DiComo has this gem on TdA, as if it’s something we haven’t heard being brought up for the last 3 years.

While BVW is considering his options, he need needs to also consider that athleticism doesn’t translate into speed and you’re going to need some of that to be in the outfield. Not to mention that TdA has an absolutely miserable throwing arm, let alone his specialized skill set in getting injured.

The Mets shouldn’t move Travis around and maximizing his playing time, in fact, maybe it’s time to do the opposite here. With his compilation of injuries, it’s probably time for TdA to slow it down a notch, lessen his time, but maximize his production due to a player that’s actually healthy.

With Travis projected to earn just under $4M paired with his former top prospect status, I can see just about every AL team taking a low risk/high reward chance on the catcher. That is of course if they choose to go that route.

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