Pros and Cons to Ottavino Possibly Signing with the Mets

While scrolling through the interweb looking for interesting tidbits on the Mets, I came across an article on the New York Post written by notorious Mets hater, Joel Sherman.

While I do read what Sherman has to say about the Mets, I take it extremely lightly, considering that he’s the equivalent to writing about the Mets as ESPN is when it comes to broadcasting Mets games on their terrible station.

However, he did bring up the name Adam Ottavino when it came to potential acquisitions the Mets should and need to make to be a contending team in the 2019 season. So let’s take a look at some Pro’s and Con’s to what Ottavino is, was, and could be.


  • While this doesn’t translate into wins and losses, Ottavino being from Brooklyn, New York is something fans can get behind and support. While he’s never played for a New York team professionally, he should have a understanding on the pressure of being scrutinized under the city lights by the ruthlessness of the New York media.
  • Ottavino knows how to strike out the opposing batters. In 410.2 innings pitched, he has 459 K’s throughout his 8 year career which equates to 10.1 K’s per every nine innings. Match that with a 3.66 ERA & the Mets could potentially see some solid results from Brooklynite.
  • Pitching in Coors Field very well may be one of the most difficult things to do in the majors due to the high altitude of Denver, Colorado. Leaving Coors could potentially turn him into a better pitcher, allowing him to control a sharper curve and slider making him an even more effective pitcher.
  • Solidifying the bullpen will put a lot less stress on the arms of the Mets starting rotation, you don’t need to be Brodie Van Wagenen to come to that conclusion.
  • The Mets have decided to base their operations with a more of a new school, analytical approach, looking into and using statistics to determine how to approach an at-bat and for pitchers to exploit the oppositions weaknesses. All that said, Ottavino is an extremely smart pitcher and person who’s embraced this analytical turn the game has become.
  • The Rockies will not be offering Ottavino, so any team that signs the reliever will not be required to give up a compensatory draft pick to Colorado.


  • Ottavino is entering his age 33 season and for a good portion of relievers, they tend to historically hit the decline in their career around that point and understandably so.
  • This trivial but I find it worth mentioning, the Mets never really seem to get lucky when signing FA relievers.
  • Due to the Wilpon’s spending habits (or lack there of), signing Ottavino to a multi-year deal at $30M-$40M for 3 campaigns will likely hinder the chances for the team to sign a higher profile reliever, starter or position player.

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