The Mets won’t be contenders for at least another year or two

By Rhonda Schmidt & Gem Tablak

The Mets have had their share of unfortunate seasons after the lone wonderful season of 2015.

Disaster has struck in Queens, and many changes have been made and still need to be made before moving forward.

The new GM has been introduced, however he will only take orders from the Wilpons, who are the sure root of the problem.

The Wilpons need to stop shopping at dollar tree, and take chances. Spend money, get your money’s worth.

With a gaping hole in a few positions, Catcher, Outfield, to name a few, the Mets should look to make big moves and fast this offseason. It is nearly impossible to get wins with who we have now.

With that being said, the Mets may or not improve next year, based on their patterns each offseason and their pattern of moving slow in discussions regarding top available players.

Give the Mets your time and patience, as it may be a while before seeing them make a long postseason run again.

Gem’s gems: By Gem Tablak

I must admit that I see the Mets making a run at the playoffs or at least start to be competitive sooner then fellow writer Rhonda Schmidt is anticipating. While the Mets haven’t had a great, or even a good season in a few years, it’s hard not to blame the team’s misfortune on what seemed like 836 injuries over the last few campaigns.

With Mickey Callaway still at the helms in the dugout, it only makes sense to hire a General Manager that’s analytically driven. One issue that that Mets may run into during the season or possibly next offseason, is that Callaway is not a Van Wagenen hire.

Albeit, I don’t believe any one fan or even executive within Major League Baseball, for that matter, saw this hiring coming, so this extremely outside the box signing will be heavily scrutinized within the New York and North East media but I do believe Van Wagenen and Callaway will make a good collaboration while building a strong team hauled for a successful long run.

However, if the Mets suffer another losing season at the hands of new hire, GM Brodie Van Wagenen, it very well may be second year manager Mickey Callaway’s last go around as Manager and leader of his relatively new squad.

I’d guess that under these circumstances, we would see a lot of new coaches and staff on field and within the “Orange & Blue” front office at Citi Field if all fails.


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