#ThrowbackThursday: 5 Mets we have probably forgotten

By Rhonda Schmidt

Some Mets may never be forgotten. However, its easy to look at a name and go, wow, i almost forgot he played for us. It could be due to a non standout resume, or just due to no reason in particular, however, lets not forget these Mets.

1. Todd Zeile.

One of my personal favorites, due to Zeile coming in late in games knuckeball pitching when needed. Zeile may have been bounced around among many teams througout his career back in the days. His worst moment may have been being called for obstruction against the yankees however Zeile is one that if youre not a longtime Mets fan, you may just never have known.

2. Mike Jacobs.

Power bat with an open stance, Jacobs was highly appraised. The Mets had sent him to Florida, now Miami. He also had an appearance in Kansas City if im not mistaken. Not sure what he is up to now, but his name crossed my mind.

3. Ryan Church.

Church, an outfielder in the late 2000s with a power bat, suffered two concussions, one which the Mets stupidly allowed him to fly to Denver following it, his career came to a sad end, because he was simply not the same. Traded for Jeff Francouer, after, we definetly could have forgotten this outfielder.

4. Jeff Francouer.

You may have called him Frenchy, but i call him missed. A good source of power but a harsh tendency to go first pitch swinging, the former Brave came in return for Ryan Church, listed above.

5. Josh Thole.

Thole made some appearances behind home plate, seemed to have ok defense, but nothing standout about him either. Just another catcher, not quite a rod Barajas, for sure not a Mike Piazza, but he was sure a Met who makes this list.


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