Just a Mets fan from Brooklyn

Originally from the Midwood, Brooklyn area, we eventually moved to Avenue U at a young age & then to Sheepshead Bay a few years later. We didn’t have much growing up, but I had a television with a big butt to watch my Mets games on. Channel 9, to be precise.

My family didn’t have any real money so I had never gotten the chance to play organized baseball. However, one summer I was lucky enough to go to John Franco’s Baseball Camp in an extremely dingy part of Brooklyn. I was grateful for that experience. Meeting players like Todd Hundley, Jason Isringhausen, Tim Bogar, & of course John Franco.

However, a few personal favorites of mine to watch were Todd Hundley, John Olerud, Bernard Gilkey, Lance Johnson, & the “flashy” Rey Ordonez.

As time passed & I got older, adulting also had abruptly entered my life like a thief in the night. With the combination of sickness, bills, & all the extra added stress, I still count on my Mets to bring me joy.

Regardless, if they’re having an “Amazing” season or if they’re stinking up the majors, the Mets will always be there for me when I need them. They are my “Avengers” & six to seven nights a week, they show up to my house & bring me the comfortability I’m seeking.

Although, I’m currently living in Las Vegas, my passion for this organization will never parish. I miss New York City & Brooklyn terribly, but that will never deter my love for the colors Orange & Blue.

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