Mets need to part ways with Reyes and Cabrera

By Rhonda Schmidt

The Mets have had their share of aging players looking to fix their careers on a team that is desperate for youthful success. Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera were both in their prime long ago.

It’s great to have veterans who can help the younger guys to an extent, but to view them as an everyday starting choice is a bit absurd.

The Mets have had quite much success with Brandon Nimmo and Wilmer Flores.

I do say the Mets should definitely resist the temptation to offer Nimmo and or Flores as trade bait.

If everything in your life is going wrong, why get rid of the two things that are your only glimpse of happiness?

However, not everyone can stay if the Mets are seriously looking to start fresh.

It is tough, but it has to be done.

Whether the Mets keep Noah Syndergaard or Jacob DeGrom or not,

The manager is a huge issue too.

Mickey Callaway, although a rookie manager, is already upsetting many fans.

Reyes’ stat line is as follows 102 AB/ .186 AVG/ 1 HR/ 4 RBIs 4 SB. .520 OPS

He is downright atrocious and if this is how he’s going to play, laughing in the dugout down by so many runs, he HAS got to GO!

Reyes is a locker room and clubhouse virus. You cannot have a winning team with Reyes on it

Reyes is one of the reasons the Mets have been lacking offensively.

Reyes is not the player he was years ago.

Whether Reyes or Cabrera are the main issue, it would be best to let them go. It will start the process. Another person the Mets should consider letting go is Yoenis Cespedes. He really is not of much use these days.


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