No Manager in Baseball can fix unless Fred & Jeff sell the Team

By: Rhonda Schmidt

The Mets are a historically awful franchise, with the root of the problems stemming from the owners.

There is no way to get out of the situation unless the owners sell the team.

The next step is to rebuild. There is nothing else to do. The Yankees are NOT interested in Jacob DeGrom. Trading away everyone is not a decision that is easy. To keep Syndergaard and Cespedes would be ideal. However, Cespedes can’t stay healthy. We need consistency.

Is building from the farm system an easy thing to do? It requires years of losing.

Fans will be not likely to attend many games. It’s not the most fun experience, however it is a rewarding one in the end.

The Mets should really look deep at the reasons why no manager or GM can bring this team success. The fans want a change. They need their voices heard that The ownership is the issue. Selling the team is the right thing to do.


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