Will the Mets be sellers at the deadline?

It’s been a pretty typical season for the Mets. They’ve been hovering around .500 while players are continuously getting injured. So what approach does management take during the next few months?

The idea of shopping guys like Adrian Gonzalez, Asdrubal Cabrera, & even the Todd Father can be made & us fans wouldn’t hesitate to really care. But it’s easy to make the decision to deal away a short term player, so what about the core?

I don’t want to see the Mets trade away Conforto, deGrom, Thor, plus many other players I hold dear to my heart. But the Mets seem to go through more down years than the good.

It’s never great when trading a player in his prime, but in order to preserve future Met teams to be winners, it may be time to start trading off the core of this Mets club.

Who would you trade?

Maybe these guys.

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