Is Vargas the next to be released by the Mets?

Starting pitcher Jason Vargas has had a less than stellar season on the mound for the New York Mets.

Sandy Alderson & the Mets signed Vargas to a 2-year deal prior to the 2018 season to fill a similar hole Bartolo Colon filled two seasons back.

Granted, no one can ever fill the legendary cleats Colon wore but we get the gist. Vargas was brought on to eat some innings while picking up the occasional W.

But things didn’t go exactly as planned. Well, it’s actually been quite disastrous for the veteran southpaw.

Vargas has a record of 1-3 while sporting a 10.62 ERA. Yes, that’s the real number. The Mets may not have intentions to release the Wilpon favorite, Jose Reyes. But I’m not feeling so confident about the career of Jason Vargas wearing the “Orange & Blue”.


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