Ten ways to fix the Mets

Ten ways to fix the Mets

By Rhonda Schmidt

This team is falling apart, we are losing players at nearly every position. I would say. If i were the Mets manager or GM. rebuild. Its the only way to start from scratch, and grow back a stronger franchise. Granted, it is risky, takes patience, and it requires years of losing and fans not attending many games, but it is rewarding in the end.

1. Release Jose Reyes and Asdrubal Cabrera.

Do we really need these aging bench players who barely contribute, and will not be able to man their positions in 3 years? No. Cabrera has requested a trade, and Reyes, well, what does he even give us, besides the obvious mentorship to young shortstop Amed Rosario?

2. Build the pitching rotaion from scratch.

Recall David Peterson from AAA. Release Robles. Release LHP Steven Matz. Keep Noah Syndergaard, get rid of Vargas, trade DeGrom for several pitching prospects.

3. Recall Dominic Smith.

You can grow and go very far with a team of promising prospects too. A young team will slowly breed winning culture. Gonzalez is nearing retirement. Its time to insert Dom into the lineup, and let him play first.

4. Start Wilmer Flores.

You cannot waste his career. Call me crazy if you wish, but ill call you crazy too if youre saying he is a defensive liability but he hits 20 plus home runs but his defense is why we shouldnt start him. An error every few months is not the end of the world. Let him play.

5. Trades Trades Trades.

Out with the old, in with the young.

6. Stop overworking the weak bullpen.

7. Sign a big name reliever, then add a younger closer.

8. Add a solid bench player.

9. Add another catcher. Mesaraco is a decent addition, however, suppose he falters in his second year here? We need a backup.

10. Sign another outfielder. I wanted McCutchen, but what about the likes of Christian Yelich and or Bryce Harper in this growing outfield? Harper is nearing his final year in Washington. Yes, many mets fans hate the guy. But what if he could help?


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