The Case to not judge Mets rookies right away

By Rhonda Schmidt

The Mets have two young and promising rookies in shortstop Amed Rosario and first baseman Dominic Smith.

Dominic Smith, despite being late due to oversleeping, has made significant strides in his journey on the path of making improvements. He recently dropped 30 pounds this offseason. He appears in good physical shape. He really needs to be here on time. It is his job to show up. Welcome to the majors, kid. Being tardy will only get you benched. Rookie manager set the tone early, benching the tardy Smith.

Smith has been highly praised for his defense. While in the minors, Shortstop Jose Reyes said he saw a gold Glover in Smith. Smith also wowed with offense in the minors. Hopefully he can bring that to the majors. Only time will tell.

Enter rookie shortstop Amed Rosario. Despite battling stomach issues and other ailments, Rosario displays impressive speed on the base paths. His defense has some flaws, but most appear to be behind DeGrom and most rookie mistakes: if Rosario can stay healthy expect great things.

It is too early to judge these two young rookies. We have not seen enough of them to say they will or will not make it in the majors. I’m pointing out some key factors in what we know of them this far.

2018 will tell us more. It’s only fair to see what they have done after this season has fully been in the books.


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