The Mets should start Wilmer Flores in the Outfield

By Rhonda Schmidt

Wilmer Flores should start in the Outfield.

It’s time for the Mets to look deep at the versatility and power bat they have in Wilmer Flores. Flores has not had much luck at all in the starting department, and he is more than willing to play the outfield if it means a starting opportunity, (which just goes to show how much being a New York Met really means to him)

With Jay Bruce injured already and Michael Conforto down and out, the Mets outfield lacks depth and solid production out there. Yes, Wilmer would need to learn the position. However, he is more than capable and his bat is worthy of a starting spot (and who knows)

Expect great numbers from Flores. I expect a stat production of 16 home runs and 60 batted in if Flores can see starting opportunities (not to mention he is spectacular off the bench) imagine if he played every day?


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