Mets’ Callaway will improve pitching and bullpen in 2018

Mets’ Callaway will improve pitching and bullpen in 2018

By: Rhonda Schmidt

The 2018 Mets will see big changes, for the better, since they recently welcomed skipper Mickey Callaway.

For one, the pitching staff will be solidified and restored. Mickey Callaway is a former Pitching coach with the Cleveland Indians. He knows more than a thing or two about working with pitchers. In 2017 the main issue with former manager Terry Collins was simply that he overworked the bullpen and his pitchers. I am sure and confident that Callaway will be a huge upgrade in that department.

Our aces may indeed have worn out due to a disasterous previous season. Its only a matter of time until they regain the stamina and confidence that a fresh face fresh start will give them to get back on track.

With new coaching staff aboard, it may be a slightly better chance to have a decent season. The issue is not that a lack of talented players or contribution. A good manager and coaching staff is essential for team success. Sometimes, changes need to be made.

Hopefully this change will lead the 2018 Mets in the right direction.

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