Syndergaard putting on 20 lbs of muscle could be culprit of injury

By: Rhonda Schmidt
Mets’ Ace Noah Syndergaard added 20 plus pounds of muscle before the regular 2017 Season, and the normally indestructible ace called Thor may have his lat issue due to the pitcher bulking up.

Now, I’m not a doctor, however, the reasons behind this injury spell out a coincidence that just so happens to come about after a risky attempt to gain some muscle and power.

It can be somewhat detrimental to a pitcher who goes to extremes trying to add to their already lean frame. There is somewhat a health risk for athletes who undergo this process and the risks can outweigh the benefits when it comes to bulking up.

Syndergaard was sidelined and placed on the 60 day DL but still appeared in one meaningless game upon his return. The Mets had everything to lose and nothing to gain by not preserving the pitcher’s health until the regular season of 2018. Why then manager Terry Collins decided to insert Syndergaard into a pointless game is a reason to scratch your head and wonder what he was trying to prove to fans, and why he did that we may never know. While staying in physical shape is key, adding that much muscle can be effective somewhat but the health and condition of the newly added bulk can cause red flags, especially if you over exert your body.

Injuries happen to everyone, if this 2017 New York Mets team hasn’t taught you that. While Syndergaard fell victim to a Lat issue that may or may not have happened without the added muscle, it may have played a part somewhat.

That also may fall into the job description and responsibilities of the trainers, that the players are safely training and that they understand the risks and issues that routines and workout methods may cause, and it is known that Ray Ramirez will not be welcomed back next season.

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