Should the Mets consider Montero as their “Swingman” in ’18?

Montero has gotten to an extremely tough start to his career, after dominating in the minor leagues with his ability to control both sides of the plate, Montero completely fell off the Mets radar.

Ironically, when he was originally called up against the Yankees in 2015, the Mets front office felt he was further along & closer to being big league ready as opposed to Jacob deGrom during that time.

Montero then started to experience shoulder soreness, which set him back. While rehabbing in Florida, there was continuous reports & speculation that Montero’s injury may have been a phantom injury, due to the medical staff not being able to “properly” diagnose the right handers injury.

After finally being able to stay healthy, Montero would deal with getting hit hard & that resulted in the pitcher trying to paint corners. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as successful in the majors as he was in the minors with that approach. This caused the pitcher to deviate from his pitching approach which resulted in Montero walking more batters per 9 innings than he has throughout his entire professional career.

So while we’ve all learned that you could never have enough pitching, we’ve also seen stretches where Montero has been absolutely terrible. However, if we’re looking for a “Swingman”, an arm coming out of the bullpen & also spot starting whenever necessary. I don’t see the need to spend money on flakey veteran at the butt end of his career. Besides, if Montero doesn’t pan out, there’s always plenty of journeymen pitchers looking for jobs, even mid season.

If the Mets are going to spend money on a pitcher, then go big, just like they did when they originally signed Bartolo Colon the first time around. Not on middle tier bullpen arm. We don’t need another D.J. Carrasco or Antonio Bastardo situation going on.

Montero is also the perfect pitcher to bring in during a blowout, in my opinion. Whether winning or losing, it’s imperative to save the arms in the pen for the play off stretch. A good way to do so would be to have a pitcher that could eat & gobble away all those garbage innings. The Mets haven’t utilized that game plan in the recent past & it’s been a trend with the winners. Joe Maddon will ya.

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