Is Conforto ready to bounce back along side the Mets?

By Will Button

This coming 2017 campaign for the world series title will start with Jay Bruce as our starting Right Fielder. Which means Michael Conforto will start his season on the bench. With Cespedes in left and Granderson and Lagares platooning center that leaves Conforto as the the 5th OF. Most people wanted to see Conforto break out this season but I think this is the perfect situation for him at this time. 

After having a great 2015 playing 56 games after getting called up from dominating the minor leagues. With 174 at-bats he hit .270/.335/.506, 9 HR, 26 RBI, 14 2B, and 88 TB only striking out 39 times and grounded into 4 double plays. We know he’s not an easy out but 2016 proved otherwise. 

The Mets with high hopes threw Conforto into the fire head first and figured he was ready to be what every scout in the organization thought he was destined to be. The next Mike Trout or Bryce Harper. Even tho he posted up better numbers than both in their first call ups, 2016 he played 109 games only had 20 more hits than the previous season, 21 2B and 12 HR’s 42 RBI’s and batted a .220/.310/.414.

That sophmore slump was definitely on as he played more games with less productivity.
Bothered by an injury and splits between Vegas and the majors hopefully he takes this as a big learning experience and we get the 2015 Conforto back. You know the guy who hit 2 homeruns in Game 4 of the world series against the Royals. There is no doubt Michael Conforto is the future of this organization and time right now is on his side.

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