The Mets & David can’t “Push it to the limit”

By Gem Tablak

While the boss Rick Ross would disagree with me, the Mets can’t let David Wright push it to the limits this coming season. I honestly don’t know what to expect but if the Mets can get 70-100 healthy games from David, the Mets should be set. 

But Terry Collins & David Wright especially need to be brutally honest with themselves for this to work. If the Mets need to take David out mid game because of a blowout or because he’s looking tired, then Terry Collins needs to be the manager & make the hard moves but it needs to be done.

I don’t want to see David retire but I know we’re passed the days where we’re going to see him 5 days a week. So if Terry Collins works Jose Reyes into the lineup against pitchers Wright struggles when facing, the Mets can keep him healthier for a longer period of time. But the truth is, as of right now, there is no right answer or correct way to go about it. 

They just can’t push him beyond his limits to the point where when he’s playing, he’s a subpar player. It’s better to have David Wright at 85% for 65 games as opposed to being at 65% for 85 games.Photos from &

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